A website adds value to your company, it reflects the company’s business by providing relevant information to attract new and maintain current customers. When developing a website you need to have the following 3 aspects into mind:

1. Web hosting and Domain name

The web hosting is where your website is being stored (on a computer) for anyone to access it and the domain name is the name of your website, in our case it is creattics.com.

2. Web Designing

This includes adding each page content, colors, font types, images and graphics. Moreover, different features would be added depending on your request as languages, forms, SEO, social media, webshop, mobile and many more.

Website development team sketching wireframe layout design for responsive web content, two UI/UX front end designers in office

3. Website Maintenance & Updates

After the launch of your website, the job is not done. You have to keep updating the information, updating the security and promoting your website.

A website represents your company online

Think of a website like a magazine that needs to be updated with new content. The more information you provide, the more clients you will receive and a website would assist you in converting those visitors into your clients.

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